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Specialist in Automation and Control Systems


Wireless Monitoring Systems

  • Designing of Wireless scada System complying with IEC 6087 Standards
  • Installation of Wimax sytems for long range Radia.
  • Modbus RTU’s Radio for local acquistion and control Gateway with IEEE
    802.11,IEC 62734 standards
  • Cellular and satellite Communication System for Scada Link with high data

Instrumentation & Elecrical Desiging

  • Instrumentation Desiging, Site Servay, Procurment, Installation and
    Commissioningcomplying with ISA S82.03, ISA S84.01 standards.
  • Majore areas of Oil and GAS, Manufacturing Industries, chemical
    Industries etc.
  • Instrumentation Desiging package submit consistes of ILD’s.
    Interconnection Loop Diagrams of JB’s, Marshalling cabinet, Updating P &
    ID’s, Routing diagrams, Intrument specification Sheets, I/O List, Hukup
    Drawings with complying on IEC 62708 standards.
  • Procurement and Installion of Temperature Transmitters, Pressure
    Transmitters, Flow Transmitters, all Guages, Valve’s etc.
  • Electrical Desiging of Home, lighting poles, Power systems, LV, MV, HV
  • Manufacturing of Electrical Panels, Protection and Control Panels, Relay
    panels, Data hub switching Panels(Eg:SAS) with ISA S82.01,ANSI/NEMA.


  • New System Designing and Installations
  • Up-gradation of Exiesting Systems
  • Wireless Monitoring Systems
  • Integrated Building Mnagement Systems (IBMS)
  • Instrumentation & Elecrical Desiging

New System Designing and Installations

  • Designing of New Green Field and Control Systems complying with ISA
  • New Control System Archetecture, Panel GA Drawings, I/O database,FDS,
    Protocol DATA Base(Eg: Modbus) etc.
  • Control Panel Desiging as per IEEE standards.
  • PLC progarmming, Logic Diagram, Scada Desiging and development as per
    IEC 61131& IEC 61134 standards.
  • Providing PLC and Scada Software for all Type of Vendor’s
  • New Site Installation and Commissioning from Field Instrumentation to
    the JB’s, Marshalling Cabinets, Control Panels, HMI’s, DCS etc.

Up-gradation of Exiesting Systems

  • Up-gradation from obsoleted PLC system to new PLC systems.
  • Replacement of Relay based system to PLC based system
  • Up-grading new IOs in existing PLC to meet new requirements
  • Reverse Engineering of all Documents and Desigining in complance with
    new System
  • Integration of New system to exiesting DCS or any othe SACDA system.
  • Modification and Addition of extra requirements.

Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS or BAS)

  • Installation and Commissioning of BMS Systems as per IEEE Standards
  • Installation and commissioning as of WPAN(IEEE 802.15.4), Broad Band
    over Power Line(BPL with IEEE 1901), WLAN (IEEE 802.11ac).
  • Security Authentication Access Control System(ACS), Biometric System
  • Desigining, Installation and commissioning of CCTV’s , Smoke Detectors,
    Sprinkler system, F & G Systems, Home Automation etc.