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We offer Environment Monitoring and  Management –HVAC, Server Roomsand Data Center, Healthcare and Laboratory, Monitoring during Transport, Industry, Industry SOHO Small Office and Home Office . Following are some high lights.

  Record and online monitoring of temperature and humidity, leaks and smoke in data centers and server rooms. Data loggers, sensors, monitoring systems for IT racks

  Automated monitoring of temperature, humidity and other parameters in pharmacies, laboratories, blood banks and areas that require constant monitoring

  Low cost solution for monitoring, remote access to the measured values and data collection through data loggers and Web Sensors

  Complete temperature, humidity, pressure and CO2 monitoring in new buildings, historic buildings, industrial centers

  Temperature monitoring during transport of food, flowers, live animals, pharmaceuticals, HACCP. Wireless communications and data transmission via GPRS

  Online measurement and alarms, recording and monitoring of production processes.